On Being “Good” and Really Meaning It...

Well hello there! As I sit here with my coffee and my doggies next to me, Christmas tree blinking next to the fire, I cannot help but smile and thank God for my life I have.

A few days ago, Hugo told me a story about an encounter that he had with an old friend who asked him how he was...and his reply was, “I am good. Really, really good.” Hugo then proceeded to explain that although that is just a generic response that most of us give when someone asks us how we are, but most of us don’t actually mean it. He did this time. We talked about where we both were in life...with how we feel about ourselves, our lives etc. and we agreed that both of us actually are really really good!

So this got me thinking... what makes someone’s life really good?

Is it success? Money? Work? Fame?


I think it is relationships...and let me tell you why.

We are all born with the need for connection. It is inherent. We crave it and we must have it, or everything else in our lives will suffer as a result. When a person is lonely, every aspect of their lives suffer. There have been numerous studies about this.

A lonely person, when they are hurting, will hurt more than someone with the same pain and a good, solid relationships in their lives. An isolated person’s brain will degrade faster. They will die earlier. Qualities like bitterness and anger, are also detrimental to your overall health.

When you have good, quality relationships in your life, you live longer, you are healthier and you are happier. When you have a person in your life that “has your back” and that you can count on...it’s priceless. This person doesn’t have to be a significant other...I am talking about building a relationship with God, a girlfriend, boyfriend, family. When we are connected with each other - truly connected- we are the most happy and healthy. Quality relationships in our lives protect us.

So here’s to the important shit in life...

May you make the time to develop a close, quality relationship. May you realize that time is the most precious resource that we can give to someone else. Put down your phone. Go and build something with someone special. Journey to the place within your soul where there is love, warmth, kindness and belonging.



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