My Hall Pass

I give myself permission:

  • To not feel guilty if I rest. 
  • To take a day to myself every once in a while. 
  • To buy the expensive shoes.
  • To try new things. 
  • To take the chance. 
  • To fall in love. 
  • To be scared every once in a while. 
  • To be vulnerable.
  • To let him have the lead.
  • To give freely. 
  • To dream big dreams and have big thoughts.
  • To say NO often. 
  • To not work after 6. 
  • To pray. 
  • To think too much. 
  • To not buy arbitrary Christmas gifts out of obligation that get regifted anyway. 
  • To not answer the phone sometimes. 
  • To play hooky. 
  • To go hiking so that I can enjoy nature and sunshine. 
  • To workout at 5:30AM. 
  • To go on adventure vacations.
  • To be grateful, always.
  • To hang around strong women who inspire me.
  • To love deeply and truly and unconditionally.
  • To not let my past dictate my future.
  • To walk around the house naked sometimes.
  • To care too much about people.
  • To drink the good wine that I love.
  • To hang with the girls.
  • To have a spa day.
  • To stick up for others and even myself.
  • To negate anyone from my life that loves drama or gossip.
  • To not be around anyone who sucks the life out of me.
  • To fight for my clients even if it is to my detriment.
  • To savor each kiss.
  • To buy the dang outfit.
  • To be a B-eatch to someone who needs it.
  • To play a practical joke on you.
  • To sit in my PJ’s all day on a Sunday and binge watch Netflix shows.
  • To eat a bite of your food if I want it.
  • To not care what anyone else thinks.
  • To do “the robot” in plain daylight and in public.
  • To text you at 4 am cause, “that is when I thought about it.”
  • To sing to the dogs and make up my own songs.
  • To not wear makeup.
  • To take my damn bra off the second I walk in the door.
  • To be goofy.
  • To laugh at farts no matter how old I am.
  • To continue to not watch the news.
  • To not be afraid or ashamed to keep God in all that I do.
  • To talk about how my relationship with God has changed me.
  • To NOT be PC.
  • To not apologize or feel guilty for my success.
  • To be a little OCD about a clean home.
  • To be blunt and to the point without being mean.
  • To write goofy embarrassing things in the memo section when I write you a check.
  • To be laser focused at work so that I can get out of there at a decent hour.
  • To be OK to not have my phone with me at all times.
  • To draw and paint and be creative.
  • To be a good influence.
  • To sit in silence.
  • To love others even when they don’t love me back.
  • To forgive.
  • To get back up and make myself stronger when I have been knocked down.
  • To not ever give up.
  • To play and have fun and act like a kid.
  • Laugh until I cry.
Jen, you have permission to do all of these things and more. This is your hall pass.

Principal Jen


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