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Take the Scales Off Your Eyes...And See!

There is a story in the Bible about Saul of Damascus (Who later became Paul) in Acts. The gist of the story is this: Saul persecuted anyone who followed Jesus...Jesus appeared to him in the street and confronted him...Saul became blind for 3 days...When he could see again, the first thing he did was to get baptized...Saul became Paul and became one of the greatest evangelists for Christ.

Yup. Total 180. God used him as His chosen instrument.

There is a line in Acts that says, "Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.”

So this made me think this morning about the scales that we have on OUR eyes...and how we need to take that shi% OFF. Scales to you might mean limitations, unbelief, sadness, bitterness, negativity, mistrust, or just a general bad attitude about your circumstances.

Saul’s “scales” was his persecution of the Jews and his hatred of Jesus. When they were removed, his whole life changed...and he changed …

Your Health is Your Wealth

I can hear my Grandma saying it to me now, “Your health is your wealth”...and dang it, she is right. Gram is about to be 90 in 2 months and she is still a firecracker even though she is slowing down a bit.

If you don’t have your health, then you have matter how well off you are.

No health= No wealth.

You can have all of the money in the world...but if you are sick and can’t do anything with it, then you have nothing.

Thanks, Gram!!

Most people don’t think about how today’s actions are going to effect themselves later in life. If you don’t take the time to exercise, eat good and nutritious food, de-stress etc. now in life, how are you going to feel 10, 15, 30 + years from now? Like shit.

You have GOT to take care of yourself. You only get one body.

How do you want to be when you get old? Do you want to be fit? Able to do things? Healthy? Take those actions now to ensure that before it is too late.

Or...don’t take any action and see what happens. You won’t like it one bit.

My After-Forty Face

Well, I should maybe rephrase that to say, “My After-Forty Slightly Botoxed Face” HA!! Anyway, it is the most comfortable face that I have worn so far, Botox and all. I have mentioned before in earlier entries, that my 40’s have been my favorite years...finally comfortable with myself in every aspect. It is kinda cool. It feels good. Sometimes, I wish that I could freeze time and stay just like I am right now at this very moment...but then I know that there are so many wonderful things that I have to look forward to in my lifetime ahead of me.

There is something amazing about a woman in her 40’s and beyond. Full of belief in ourselves, we have now experienced so many things and no longer bother getting disturbed by the mundane crap that used to plague our minds when we were younger. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We have a quiet self-confidence that makes us a force to be reckoned with.

And that is all I have for you today!


It is true ya know...there are seasons in life for different things, people, friends, relationships, attitudes etc. In my mind, I picture a version of myself walking forward with different people and different things revolving around me as I move forward. I take things from each a lesson, a thought, a way of doing something, or something as simple as a product, from those who have come into my life and out of my life too. Each person brings a little of themselves into my life and when they exit, they leave part of themselves behind. Sometimes it is a big thing, sometimes not. It doesn’t matter. It just happens. People come in and out of your life for a reason. Some seasons last a lifetime and some seasons are over in the blink of an eye. I also believe that we don’t just have one season going on in our lives, we have several of them revolving around us at one time.


I used to get angry or hurt when things didn’t work out the way that I wanted them to, but I don’t…

When is Enough, Enough?

Am I the only one who wakes up singing songs or with songs in my head? A few weeks ago, for like a whole week, I woke up singing “Beautiful Loser” by Bob Seger. Today’s song is from Kanye West’s new Album, "Jesus is King”...there is a song that is called, “Follow God”. The lines that I woke up to (in my head) says something like, “I am just trying to find, I’ve been looking for a new way, I am just trying not to do the fool way...Father I stretch my hands to you.” Pretty freakin’ amazing that God is using Kanye like he is. I hope that he continues to do so because it is amazing.

I actually started writing the above yesterday and woke up with yet another Kanye West song in my mind LOL...Today’s is “God Is”...another amazing song that talks about how letting God into your heart change your life.

Anyway...back to the songs that play over and over in my head in the morning. I know that they mean something...or I can make them mean something. I am not sure. All that I know is that I c…

Why it is Important to Just Be Myself (And YOU, Yourself)

Let's face it, most bankers and mortgage are stuffy and "stiff" for lack of better words. It is just that way. I don't know why exactly. It must be something that we somehow learn and becomes a right of passage in our industry. Maybe it is the money, maybe it is the "power". Don't know. All I do know, is that when I am in a room with a bunch of bankers and mortgage people, the average temperature in the room goes up about 50 degrees because of all of the "hot air" spewing from everyone's mouths LOL.

Anyway...I just totally made myself laugh right there.

A lot of mortgage bankers have a "God complex" where they see themselves as untouchable. Especially the ones who do really well (or think they do really well)....That just doesn't sit very well with me.

It is intimidating for a lot of people to apply for a loan. Think about it...the Loan Officer is about to know every freakin' detail of your life. You are just putting it a…

Thankful for the Scars

I have a lot of scars. Both on my body and in my mind. I used to hate them, but now I am thankful for  them.

There is a song that is out right now called, “Scars”.... and its says...

“So I am thankful for the scars,
because without them, I wouldn’t know Your heart,
and I know they’ll always tell of who You are,
So forever, I am thankful for the scars.
Now I am standing in confidence,
With the strength of your faithfulness,
And I am. not who I was before,
I don’t have to fear anymore.”

My goodness that song is so beautiful and has become sort of a theme song for me.

So just think about this...think about your scars...mental and physical. Think about how, when you were going through whatever it was, how badly it sucked. Yeah, I know. But, here’s the cool thing...God was with you the whole entire time. Right next to you...holding you. You just had to open your eyes and heart to see and hear and feel Him.

At this point in all of our lives, we ALL have scars, shame, doubts...but the one th…

What The Heck is APR, Anyway?

Well, maybe my clients don’t exactly frame it that way, but that is what everyone really wants to know....deep down inside. I know that you are brainwashed to believe that APR is the only thing to look at. Guess what, though? It is not.

APR is basically the cost of a loan over time. It incorporates the interest rate of the loan into a calculation along with certain loan fees like: origination and discount points, lender fees like processing and underwriting, prepaid interest, title fees, mortgage insurance, funding fees etc. etc.

The original intent of APR calculations were to help consumers see which loan is actually better for them when they are shopping and to show consumers the cost of the loan as a percentage over time.

Then there is the interest rate. This is just the "plain old rate” that you have where your mortgage payment is calculated upon.

Did you know that a loan with an interest rate of 3.25% can have the same APR as a loan with an interest rate of 3.50%? Say what??…


Today is a tribute to #Powerwomen. I happen to know quite a few of them. They are amazing.

Here’s to the women who kick daily ass. Who don’t take shit from anyone. Who work their butts off. Smart. Successful. Beautiful. Strong. Funny. Wise. Incredible. Sacrificing.

Here’s to the women who not only do all of the above, but also take care of their families, children and friends and yet somehow through all of this, still make time for each other.

Sometimes I wonder how my friends do it. It’s do you get it all done? You are a powerhouse, a mom...and yet you make it look so effortless, but I know it is not.

Thank you, my friends, for being such a good (and bad too, but in a way fun way!! LOL) influence. For driving me to do better. For calling me on my BS. For listening when I need you. For encouraging me never to give up. I love how we can talk about anything and everything and we don’t get offended or hurt. We are just real. No drama. We don’t get our feelings hurt if som…


Truth is I don’t always have the motivation to go to the gym 5 days a week. 
Truth is I don’t always have the motivation to wake up early every single day. 
Truth is I don’t always have the motivation to stay late and do more than necessary to close every single deal. 
Truth is I don’t always have the motivation to go above and beyond for every single one of my clients. But the real truth is this…
I don’t rely on motivation to do any of those things. 
I rely on my discipline. 
I have taught myself to show up every single day for myself and clients not because I am always motivated to do it…
But because I am a professional. 
You see motivation will fail you.
But discipline…
Discipline is a quality that when you master it will never fail you. 
So next time you “Don’t feel motivated” to do something…
Smile and know that if you train it discipline has you covered :).

What I Will Miss About Right Now...In The Future

I have these question cards that I buy off of Amazon...they ask you random questions in order to get you thinking. I use them for journaling a lot. I just write down random things. Sometimes the questions are profound and sometimes they are stupid questions like, “Have you ever seen an alien?”
The answer to that one is NO.

Anyway, today’s was one of the ones that make me stop...think...appreciate and savor that very moment.

I was sitting on my chair that I sit on every morning when I read/pray/think/blog. I had my comfy slippers on. Fireplace on. “Secret Garden” music on all throughout the house. A blanket over my legs. Bella was snuggled up in a ball next to me...and Muffin was poking her head through the back door...just peering but not pushing it open because she wanted me to do that for her. Total f-ing PEACE. Oh my goodness...such a great snapshot in my mind.

This is what I will miss. The girls...Bella and Muffin and the love and joy that they bring to my life every single day. I…