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Being Brave

Lately, I have made it a point to talk to women I meet about their goals, aspirations, career choices and things like that...and there has been one common theme that I have heard over and over again...

“I really want to do XXXX, but I am scared of failing.”


“It is my dream to do XXXX, but what if I don’t make it?”

So, instead of “going for it”, they just stay at their current mundane job that they hate because they are too scared to follow their dreams for fear of failing.

Since when is failing a BAD thing? In life, I have learned way way more from my failures than I have my successes. Failure does not have to be a bad thing. It just means that I tried...and maybe learned that what I once thought I wanted, really wasn’t for me...or I realize that next time when I try a certain thing, I will do it a little differently. Failing is a GOOD thing. Trust me.

Yeah, it is scary to take that leap of faith doing something you believe you were meant to do...but dammit won’t know …

Praying in an Uber

God has an interesting way of putting everything in perspective sometimes. Yesterday’s “God Moment” was in my Uber ride.

My teammates and I went to a gala yesterday evening and I decided to Uber there. I got into the back seat just as I have done so many other times. I tried to make some small talk, but I noticed that my driver, hardly spoke English. I even embarrassingly made a text comment to my staff that, “My driver doesn’t speak English”...literally 1 minute after that, everything read on.

Something inside of me started to take notice of everything in her vehicle.

She had a handicap placard hanging on the rear view mirror. She had a crucifix sitting on the shelf by the dashboard. She had what appeared to be a rosary wrapped around her left hand.

So, I decided to ask her about it. Indeed it was a rosary wrapped around her hand.

And that is when she came alive...

Immediately, she was excited and showed me her rosary and then pulled out one made from rosewood that she …

Tithing and Giving Money Away

There is something so very amazing about “energy” in the world. I have experienced it when I have had reiki, when I have practiced speaking things out loud and most importantly,  have experienced it in blessing others through tithing/charity/helping others.

Let me tell you how this works...

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that when I give to others, the world somehow gives back to me. Big or small...when you do things for other people, good things happen to you. When I first started giving, sometimes it put me in a bind...but somehow, I notice that really I was always OK. Now I am perfectly fine with giving “until it hurts” because I know that everything will work out in the end.

I think back to times when I have gone out on a limb and have given someone my last $500 bucks...only to receive a surprise refund in the mail from a credit card that I had unknowingly overpaid. This has happened every single time. God takes care of me in some sort of’s j…

Goals for 2020

I don’t ever make New Year’s Resolutions...I make a “Shit I Wanna Do” List because, well...its more fun. I find myself looking at my list and smiling because someone them are funny and some are serious. I hang it in a spot in my closet that I can see everyday when I go in there. The good thing about having a “Shit I Wanna Do” list vs. a Resolution list is that if I don’t get to do them, it’s all good and I feel no pressure. After all, it's just stuff I would like to do.

This year’s list had things about how much money I wanted to save, places I wanted to go and ended with “make some damn banana bread with all of those bananas in the freezer “. I still have NOT made the banana bread however I have added more bananas to the never ending banana collection in my freezer. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has like 20 bananas in her freezer, but I think surely not. I still have a good solid 2 months before my time is up...I guess it could just go on the 2020 list.

I saved what…

“Preferred” Lender Truths

Here’s one for ya! When you go to a track builder (like KB etc.) they all have a “preferred lender” that they pretty much make you use. Do you ever wonder why and how that effects you? Well, I am going to tell you. I think that it is one of our industry’s dirty little secrets that is complete bullshit.

Now, first, I will tell you that I personally am a “preferred lender” for a homebuilder here. Well, one of them (there are 2 of us)...and I jokingly refer to myself as the “unpreferred lender” because I don’t give them the kickbacks that the other lender gives. I just provide good service and much lower rates and fees to the customer, which is evidently not important. She gets the referrals (most of them) and wins most of the clients because they don’t even get a chance to talk to me...but when they do, I win every time. I just don’t (and won’t) buy the business from the builder. Sorry.

That is also not to say that I am not grateful for being on this list for so long (longest one that t…

Comparison is the Thief of Joy...For Reals People

The title of this one above is one of my favorite “in yo face” quotes...cause it is so damn true!

Why do we do this? We look at what other people are doing (like on FB or any social media) and compare it to what we are how we are feeling. Ugh...instant contentment killer.

Most women, when another woman walks into a room, do a complete comparison to ourselves and her and our mood can completely change because of this.

When someone does something really cool, instead of being happy for them, we think, “I deserve to do that too...what makes her/him so special?”

We see a movie, read a magazine...we see people who look better than us, have more than we do...we compare. I wish I had that watch...I wish my ass was that face that beautiful...that house is amazing compared to the one that I live in...etc. etc. We rob ourselves of so much joy.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I would say that one of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is this: I am …

Words Matter

Sometimes we cannot fathom the impact that our words have in this world. Good or bad, they make a difference. They are just words, right? No No...they are more than that.
They are examples, they are dreams, they are encouragement and they are strength. They are hopes of a better day, empathy, belief, laughter, sadness, anger, wonder or love. Confidence. Joy.
Words matter.
What we speak into our own lives also matters. How do you speak to yourself? What do you put into this world? What do you say when no one else is around? Do you believe in yourself? Oh my goodness, that last one is important. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
What do you say to others? Do you build up or do you tear down? Do you throw up all over people (figuratively, of course)? Or do you take it all in. Sometimes, what you don’t say is just as powerful as what you do say.
I believe that the words we tell ourselves are the most important because from there, the words we say to others stem from within.Words…

Finding Joy When I Don't Wanna

Random thought that has zero to do with anything...cause I am wondering if I am the only one who does this...

I will work out for 1.5 hours a day, go above and beyond in everything I do, but when I put a freakin' fork in the dishwasher, I am too damn lazy to open the dishwasher the whole entire way. All of my silverware somehow ends up in the front 3 slots in the silverware holder. LOL! Every time.

Am I the only one?

Anyway...back to my original thought for this post.

As many of you know, I read my Jesus Calling book every morning. I have for years. That book speak so much to me, I swear sometimes it was written specifically for me. I have even started giving them away to everyone who wants one...and so far this year, I have given well over 100 of these books away. So cool. If you want one, just send me a message and it is yours.

Last night was a sleepless night for me pretty much...I feel like I am under an enormous amount of stress right now, trying to keep a super tight ship wi…

Perch, Open-door and the FHA Buyer

Here's something no one is talking about: FHA buyers and homes that are owned by Perch, Opendoor or companies like this. They don't go together.
With so many homes being bought and sold by companies like these above, there is one certain class of borrowers that are being left out: FHA buyers. Why? Because of the 90 day flip rule that FHA has in place.
FHA guidelines state: 
Re-sales Occurring 90 Days or Less Following Acquisition
If a property is re-sold 90 days or fewer following the date of acquisition by the seller, the property is not eligible for a mortgage insured by FHA.  FHA defines the seller’s date of acquisition as the date of settlement on the seller’s purchase of that property.  The re-sale date is the date of execution of the sales contract by the buyer that will result in a mortgage to be insured by FHA.
As an example, a property acquired by the seller is not eligible for a mortgage to be insured for the buyer unless the seller has owned that property for at least …

Random Thoughts on Aging, Complaining and Being Grateful

This morning, my head was full of all sorts of random things as you can see by the title.

I actually first thought about how important it was for me to thank God for all of the gifts that I am given. It is by His hands and by His doing that I get to do what I do. He is the one that has given me the gifts of this amazing life. It is not me. He leads me to do certain things and the credit is not mine to take. Thank you, God.

I think that sometimes, it is easy to get cocky and independent because of success...and I forget about how I got there to begin with. It is not my own doing, it is His. I want to always remember that, although I have strayed from this in the past...only to be smacked right in the side of the head by God Himself. Ok, I get it. I know.

Then my mind went to aging...because dammit, my back was so tight this AM when I woke up! I thought about how interesting it is that as we age, we get stronger on the inside at the same time as we get weaker on the outside. At the time…

Simplest Way to Establish Credit

If you have no credit score, getting one is easier than you think! Whether we like it or not, our world revolves around credit. If you don't have a credit score or have little credit, it affects your mortgage rates and about a trillion different other things. You might wonder where to I am going to tell you!

1. Get a secured credit card. You can get this from a bank and I have also seen places like Capital One have them. A "secured card" basically means that YOU give them $500 as a bond to hold onto and they give you a card with a $500 limit. It is really hard NOT to get approved for this type of card because they are basically giving you credit against your money.

The key though is this: DO NOT charge the card up the whole way and then just keep doing that and paying it off. If it has a $500 limit, be sure never to have a balance larger than 30% of that limit.

2. If willing, have someone that you know put you on as an "authorized user" on one of the…

Filters and Dressing Like a Ho in Business

Yeah, that's right...I just said that. Ladies, if you want people to take you seriously, you have got to show yourself some self-respect first. How you treat yourself and show yourself to the world will directly dictate how others treat you.

Now, I don't want to hear the BS of, "I can wear whatever I want and you still have to treat me with respect" all while you are wearing a shirt where your boobs are popped out and you are making a duck face while filtering the picture so you look flawless while taking a selfie from above so everyone can "see it all"...come on. Don't fool yourself or be self-delusional. Whether we like it or not, how others treat us has a direct correlation with what we put out there. That is how the world is.

Are you the woman who's Facebook is 1000 selfies that are all provocative? Or the one who posts constantly about how lonely you are or how you, "can't find a good man"...or are you constantly taking videos of …

The Difference Between an Origination Point and Discount Point

Today's post is about teaching you a little something! YAY!

We are going to talk about "points" points. It has occurred to me that a lot of people don't truly have a grasp on what they are and what they do. So here you go...

First, 1 point is equivalent to 1% of the loan amount. So, on a $100K loan, 1 point = $1000.

.875 points = $875.75 = $750.5 = $500you get the point (ha ha a funny pun!) Now, what you don't know is that there are 2 different kinds of "points"!
Origination Point: This is a fee that a mortgage company charges you that is basically just pure profit. It is a fee in addition to their processing/underwriting/admin fees.Discount Point: This is a fee that you are charged to buy down your rate to a particular lower rate than you would get if you did not pay the extra cost.
When a mortgage person talks about the "par" rate, it means the "even money" rate...the rate at which you are being charged NO discount points,…

Why God Allows Suffering (The "Jennifer Answer" Version)

This is for someone very special to me. It is my answer as to why God allows I have wrapped my head around it.

Here goes...

Before I can answer that question for you, there is some background that needs to be covered :)

Free Will: God has given us the choice to love Him or not. To be close to Him or not. To ask for forgiveness or not. Either way, it's OUR choice. He is with us always, regardless.

Good and Evil: If we didn't have evil, we would not have good. All of us have sinned and all of us have some evil in us, even if we don't care to admit it. I know I do! If we didn't have good and evil, we would not have absolute truth...right and wrong. It would just be us "perfect good" people in the world with nothing to strive true standard of right and wrong.

When we look at things, we make the mistake of thinking that we know more than God does because the concept doesn't fit into our minds. We have a limited perspect…

Funny (to me, at least) Stuff I Like to Do...

One of my greatest pleasures in life is such a little thing...but it makes me smile and laugh every single time. I think that most times, people (down here at least...that don't have the northern sarcastic humor) don't know how to take me. It's totally OK. It makes ME its all good.

So....pretty much any time I write a check to someone, I write something SUPER embarrassing in the memo section.

Stuff like: "First place winner in the farting contest" or "Congratulations!! You don't have an infection anymore!" or "For a good time" or "Yodeling contest winner!" get it. It's super funny to me and I wonder if the bank people snicker when the checks get reviewed or cashed.

The other super funny (again, to me) thing that is fun to me (and definitely the Fed-Ex dude) is that I also love to write embarrassing things on the outside of the boxes that I send to there is no escaping how many ever people are luc…


I had one of those "God is talking to me" mornings this morning...big time. I had already decided this morning (like the very second I woke up) that I was going to write about my "gratitude journal" and share that with you, but then it evolved into other little goodies that I will talk about in a sec!

Over the years, I have always maintained some sort of "gratitude journal". It was/is a separate notebook where I ONLY wrote down the things that I was thankful for each day...usually in the mornings. I basically just write whatever...there are no rules cause it is my freakin journal. Sometimes I am very deep in my thoughts and sometimes, not so much. I write at least 3 things that I am grateful for at that very moment.

For example, one of my entries today was, "I am grateful that I am somehow not hung over from drinking 3 tequila shots last night while I was at the Gala"...I really AM very thankful for this right now because I have a whole day of a…

Snapshots in My Mind

I don't know about you, but I have so many moments in my head that stand out to me just like snapshots in my mind. They are those moments in time that I can think of that "flash" like a picture briefly capturing a moment I hope that I never forget. Today, I am going to tell you about one of the earlier profound ones in my childhood. It is about love and vulnerability.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time with my grandparents (mom's parents). We even lived there for a time or 2 off and on. They were such precious people...oh my goodness, they were so amazing and I have so many positive memories of spending my time there as a child and how special they made it for my brother and I.

My grandpa was a WW2 Vet who now owned a hardware store in Buffalo, NY. He was one of the most hilarious and sarcastic people I know. He was a total prankster too. He had his little quirks of things he use to say and do that I still remember to this day. He used to eat limburger and onion sand…

Your Dyslexic Loan Officer

Here's one for you: I have a mild form of dyslexia. I have been debating writing about this, but I figure that maybe I can encourage someone with it or something that is going through the same issues as I have on a daily basis.

Mine didn't really affect me when I was growing up, I masked it well and I still do it now. You just learn how to do it and deal with it. Know and acknowledge that I do it...and triple check everything, always.

When I read something, although I have become a much faster reader, I have to read it like 10 times sometimes before I "get it". I write out of order a when I am writing (not typing), I will write a word, but I will start with maybe the 3rd letter of the word first and then write the others all around it. So, for example, if I were to write the word, "mortgage" I sometimes will start with writing with the letter "t" and then fill in the other letters around it. LOL. I transpose numbers. I write letters bac…

All of that mail you get after your home closing

If you know me, you know that I don't like to see people get ripped off or taken advantage of.

A few days ago, I had posted a video about this, calling it, "a barrage of shit"...because that is what it is.

Today's post is going to talk about all of the "mail" you get after you buy a house and what you should do with it. My PSA announcement for today!

First, when you buy a home, it becomes public record. There are companies out there, who buy this public information and then try to sell you junk like mortgage life insurance, or warranties, etc. They make it seem like it actually came from the mortgage company that you just closed with...and most cases they even use the same logo etc. It is VERY deceiving. VERY.

The WORST scam though, is the one that says that it is a "Homestead Recording Service" that looks so official, even I have to look twice at it!! They make it look like it came from the the State Capitol and that it is an official form. Then …

Why I Am Not Afraid To Tell Someone I Love Them

You never know what's gonna happen in the future. Obviously. We can make plans, but at the end of the day, really everything can change in just a split second.

You should always tell people that you love them. Or, one day, you will regret it.

My Grandpa Z (my dad's dad) was one of those super old world Italian guys. He was very stoic. He grew up during one of the most difficult eras in America - The Great Depression. He used to tell us stories about him and his brothers and sisters having to put 2 small chairs together so that they could sleep because they had no beds. He used to re-use paper towels and tinfoil and we used to make fun of him for that...although I do kinda feel bad about that was all that he knew. He lived through a time of great poverty. He also had a super cool handlebar mustache.

He also served as a medic in the military during WW2. He was a hard working guy who just went through life not really showing any "feelings"...he didn't tell …