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A Normal Day

It was just a “normal” day. Nothing special happening...just a bunch of errands and doing those things that she has been meaning to do all week. She paused and looked at the dogs that surrounded her. One on each side, one at her feet and one behind her on the couch cushion. They all wanted attention and each was nudging her to pet them in their own special way. She felt the sun beams coming into their home, heard the hum of the fireplace fan and stared at the beautiful fire that was in front of her. She smiled. It was the smile and small nod to herself that prompted her to think out loud, “ Oh normal day, you are such a treasure." "Whatever today brings," she thought, “let me learn something from it. Let me embrace it. Let me treasure it. Let me realize how precious this time is and treat it so.” She realized that true happiness is not somewhere in the future, it wasn’t in the past or another place or was right now. She just had to open her eyes and her heart w

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