Just a Girl Working in a Man’s World

Working in a World Filled With Dudes...How to Survive in a Male Dominated Industry.
Working in a mainly male dominated industry and succeeding greatly within it, carries an interesting dynamic and I am going to do my best to explain to you. How it feels. How to do it. How I found to act that works best. The good, the bad and the ugly. The reality. I am going to put it all out there for you.

First, I do have to say some of my core belief when it comes to women vs. men in the workplace. I do believe that there are jobs that mostly men should do and vice versa. Military combat. Highly physical things that require a lot of strength... "man jobs." I don’t believe that women should play with men on the NFL field. Stuff like that. Men are just better suited for it. That is reality. Anything or any career that involves your brain is fair play and for anyone. Man or woman. It is a simple as that. I also don’t consider myself to be a feminist. So that is not what this is all about. I …

Love and Action

I used to brag about being the best multitasker in the universe (so I thought). In my line of work- like many others-  problems, phone calls, email, text messages, constant interruptions etc. come at me 1000 mph and they don’t stop all day long. Reality.

I don’t value the ability to multitask anymore. I have learned that multitasking is actually not a good thing. Being present is.

Now, don’t get me wrong here...what I am about to talk about isn’t easy to put into practice. It is a daily struggle of mine. However, when I do put it into play, things change for the better. I am able to accomplish more, help more people and feel more fulfilled in my work. By being present.

What does that mean?

Being present in a moment, concentrating on one thing at a time...whether that be a person in front of you, a phone call that you are on, a file that I am working on, a problem in front of me...and really really listening, thinking and understanding helps me be a better servant. I actually get more

Beautiful on the Outside

Picture a beautiful woman. A picture you have seen as you are scrolling on Facebook or Instagram and you think to yourself, “Dang, this person has it all. She is happy and beautiful and life looks so perfect.”

A true picture of perfection because that it the version that she wants you to see.

Inside though, her life - and more importantly her heart - is a mess. She feels inadequate and empty.

Truth is, that’s how a lot of us are, aren’t we? We have this persona that we show on the outside, but on the inside...oh my...that’s a whole different story. We have our struggles. Our emptiness. Yearning for something that is missing inside of us that tugs our souls daily. Real life. Some of us struggle with this. It is a fact. We feel all alone. No one would love the “real” me. How could they?

What is cool is that the is someone who loves all of those shitty parts of you. Of me. Of everyone. Unconditionally. Those shitty parts that you try and hide though your outward appearance. That “person&…


Dear Jen,
     I am your Persistence, and there are a few things that I have been meaning to talk to you about. Things I want you to remember. Things that need to be said.
     Whenever you are feeling doubtful or unsure of yourself, I want you to read this and realize the gifts that I have given you since you were just a little girl. When you feel sad, mad, or scared, read this list. If you need courage or think that there is something that you cannot do. Read on.
     Remember that I am always part of just have to think of me...and I will appear. I am all in your mind, but I assure you that this is a good thing. A great thing. Promise.

     Let me tell you some of the things that I have done for you:

When you were a little girl, you started to crawl, then walk...and then I helped you ride your first bike. Yeah, that was me.Reading, writing. Playing the saxophone and getting first chair. Yup, me too.Remember when you finally got your first “A” in the 4th grade and then you r…

My Morning Routine and Why Getting Up Early Can Change Your Life

I wake up at 4:14 to 4:30 every weekday morning for 2 very simple reasons: My well-being and my health. While getting my butt up this early really sucks sometimes, I would not give it up for pretty much anything (unless there is some emergency or I am sick or something). On the weekends, I have the same routine, but I just start a little later.

I get up, I make my delicious better than SBux coffee and I sit my but down on my chair in the living room with all of my books and sometimes my laptop (like this morning). First book is typically my gratitude journal where I write down 3 things that I am grateful for. My only rule is that they have to be different each day and they have to be specific. Like one of today’s was: I am thankful for how adorable my mother is. Her antics are so precious and she makes me smile every day.

Next books are my 2 different Jesus Calling Books and maybe a chapter out of whatever other book I have decided to read. Then my prayer journal where I just write ou…

The Woman Inside You

The real you. She’s been patiently waiting to come out. She’s the you that lives deep within. The one who wants the current “you” to come out and play. To live a little. To make those changes. To take that chance. To show your creative side.

I think that most of us get into these routines in our lives where we get so focused on just getting through the day, that we forget about actually taking the time to do those things that call us that we really want to do. That our souls want us to do. We live our lives on autopilot. We just don’t make the time. A class that sounds interesting. A new hairstyle. A painting that we have envisioned. A project. A book. A vacation. A cause. A vision.
Oh, I will do it when...
Then all of the sudden, 30 years have passed and one day we wake up and realize that we forgot to live. We wake up and look in the mirror and wonder who the hell this woman is standing in front of us. What happened to her? Her dreams and aspirations? The real her? Dammit. I want a …

A New Year - New Goals

Ahhhh...the new year. A fresh start. A turned page. A new you. Endless possibilities are before you. A good time to reinvent yourself. Make those changes. Do all of those things you have been wanting to do...since last year. But alas, this year - dang it- is going to be different. You are going to stick with the plan and do it!

I think that taking the time to dream and think about what you want to do and how you are going to go about doing it is a good thing. What kind of changes do you want to make? What kind of person do you want to be? Now is a good time to take a pen and write them down. Carve out some alone time where no one else can disturb you and dream!! Write out your goals and then write about what steps you have to take to get them accomplished. The latter part of that is the extra step that most people don’t take, but it will help you have a clearer direction.

You want to lose weight? Write it down...and then formulate a plan on how you will accomplish this.

Example: My Goa…