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Time. Precious time. Our most valuable asset, yet the one most wasted. Ask most anyone what they would do if they could get a “do-over” and I bet you that the majority of people would say they would want to go back in time and spend it intentionally with someone they love, and lost.
It is the “everyday” life moments that seem to matter the most. Those little things that a loved one would do or say. A routine. A joke. A saying. A laugh. Holding hands. Relaxing. Playing board games. Snuggling. Sharing each other’s lives with complete vulnerability. A big long hug. A kind word. An, “I love you.” A kiss.
Time. Just one...more...time. If only I had more blessed time, I would...
How do you spend your prized and highly valuable time? Do you waste it?
I think that the most treasured “truth nugget” that I have learned over the years is that there is nothing more central to a balanced life than truly spending time with your family and the ones you love. It is about truly giving them your full atten…

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