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Your Movie

The room was dark, pitch dark as her eyes opened. So dark, in fact, that she had to blink her eyes a few times to make sure that she was actually awake and truly opening and shutting her eyes. There was no noise, just stillness. It was calming and comforting to her even though she had absolutely no idea where she was.
A beam of light filled the room. A movie started playing from a projector from across the room. The movie was silent and all she could hear was the flickering of the reel as it fed itself through the machine. “Okayyyyy...” she whispered as she looked round to see what the heck was going on. She still didn’t get it.
Her eyes widened when she saw herself on the screen. It was a very different version of her though. “What is this place?” She began to get nervous. “Where am I?” She didn’t know if she was talking to herself or to someone else in the room. It didn’t matter at this point anyway.
She decided to just watch herself on the screen and it actually made her smile. Holy c…

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